Monday, February 29, 2016

Concrete Leveling: Lifting Your Sunken Slabs

Concrete leveling is a tested and approved method for lifting the sunken slabs of your sidewalks, parking, patios or any other flooring. It is step by step intrusions which provide you original like results. The cost of concrete leveling is minimal when compared to the cost of replacement or any other repair method.

This method has three steps. In the first step the experts dig holes in the sunken surface in symmetrical distance. These holes are filled up with slurry in the second step. Slurry is a mixture prepared to fill these holes it dries up quickly and settles in the hollow space between the slab and the ground. The third step is to seal the dug holes with quickly drying cement. This is the final step after which you get ready to use surface in hours.

Below are a few benefits that you may get if you go for concrete leveling:

•    Economical: Concrete leveling is very economical and cost just a fractional amount of the cost of replacement.
•    It is environment friendly as it is not very noisy and does not leave debris behind to be cleaned.
•    It doesn’t take much time; you get your leveled surface in a matter of hours.
•    It also helps you in stabilizing the subsoil as it fills the entire hollow between the surface and the subsoil.
•    You do not face any difference in the presence of your surface as this process only level the sunken slab and doesn’t introduce anything new.

If you have any sunken surfaces in & around your home or office; call a concrete leveling company and get the appointment fixed.

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  1. The sidewalk at my house is not leveled, making it hard to walk or ride bikes around the part of our neighborhood. I loved that you mentioned that leveling the surface could be done in a matter of hours, and not days like replacing. We will definitely look into getting the sidewalk leveled, instead of trying to replace it!