Monday, April 11, 2016

Concrete Lifting Tactics for Safer Usability

Concrete lifting is a practical and affordable solution to concrete repair. You can repair concrete projects with slab jacking lifting process which requires the involvement of a professional who work tirelessly with intelligence. There are trained professionals which offer their services for removal of concrete from pathways, driveways, garage, etc. They use high-quality materials, experienced workers, and unique techniques. Moreover, they evaluate the problem and devise a plan to raise concrete to the desired level.

Equipment used for concrete lifting-

The major equipment used during concrete lifting is a concrete pump. A concrete pump is a machine, which transfers liquid concrete by pumping through a series of pipes. The style of the pump has a large boom that the concrete pumped through to place the concrete in the desired location.

Areas for removal of concrete for home and workplace-

Concrete lifting applied in areas including driveways, roads, highways, commercial building floors, pool decks, garage floors, stoops etc.

Methods of concrete removal-

There are a number of methods for concrete removal. Some of the major methods are as follows-

1.    Sandblasting- It is used for surface preparation and rust removal on concrete
2.    Sawing- it is used for the full-depth removal of a given area.
3.  Labor intensive (pneumatic breakers) & capital or equipment intensive (milling and hydro demolition), are also identified as important technologies.

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